Character Survey

NAME: Terrik the Shield





A BRIEF INTRODUCTION:Hello, my name is Terrik the Shield, I am a defender of the weak and protector of the righteous. Evil shall hear only the crack of my whip, while good may hear the sweet melodies of my kindness.

1) We begin with some questions from your character’s formative years. Describe the standard scene at dinnertime for you when you were a child.
Mother would cook the food and I would set the table, when my father got home we’d all sit down and pray. After that, we all begin eating, my parents making small-talk about the day while I dug into his food.

2) You and a friend have been given a whole gold piece each – a veritable fortune for a kid – and set loose in the city. You have all day to do whatever you want, and your friend isn’t especially imaginative. What do you do?
My first stop would be a bakery, to get something sweet and delicious. Then I’d probably try to find a toy-store, or maybe a larger group of kids to play with. That way we could all have fun together.

3) Moving to late adolescence: You are assisting the old master you’ve been apprenticed to. He asks you, for the third time this evening, to climb a rickety ladder to get him a book from fairly high up on his shelves. You are starting to get the distinct impression that he’s just using it as a device to look up your robes. What do you do?
He is my Master. I will climb the rickety ladder, retrieve the book from the shelves, and descend down and hand it to him. Whether he is using the command to look up my robes or not, he is my Master, I must obey his commands.

4) You decide to try your hand at gardening, with a small patch of tubers. One of them looks absolutely gigantic, breaching the soil. When the day comes to harvest it, you pull it up… and find a mole, teeth still latched into the stub that’s left of your prize veggie. What is your reaction?
Anger. I will swat at the mole to get it off my tuber, and try to stomp on it before it gets underground. If I’m successful, I would push it back into it’s hole and collect the rest of my tubers, and leave the garden to rot. If I’m not, I’ll curse the mole, collect my tubers, and find a new garden area.

5) Okay, last adolescence question. A kid you played with often when you were younger died yesterday, drowned in six inches of water. No one’s sure how. He was a bit of a pain in the rear, but not a bad guy. What is your reaction?
Death is a normal occurance. I will mourn the passing of any life, especially a child who had yet to properly live, but this is the natural order of things. I will attend his funeral, if there is one, give my condolences to his family, and push forward, trying to learn everything I could from what he taught me while we were together.

6) Moving on… Let’s say something happened to prevent you from advancing in your chosen career – say, a Geas spell from a ******-off mage that can’t be removed. What do you shift your focus to, and why?
Farming. I can still help make the world a better place by farming. If I can raise a big enough farm, I can import enough food to cause the price of it to go down, making it cheaper on everyone, making it easier to live.

7) Have you ever considered what you want to do after you retire from adventuring? If so, what do you see yourself doing?
Yes, I would retire from Adventuring to start my own town, or city. I would play Lord/Baron for a while. Directing the town, controlling the Taxes, things like that. I would soon get bored though, and set someone else to that position, and take the position of Guard General, so I may still protect my People.

8) If you were to ask your adventuring companions, what would they say your most annoying habit is? Not worst, just most annoying.
I’ve got a habit of whistling while I’m traveling. I’ve been told I’m not good at it, but it keeps the quiet of marching away when I’m alone, and eases my mind a little.

9) Congratulations – you’ve died! You weren’t in the middle of an important quest or anything, you were just killed in a bar brawl. Do you want to be raised?
No. The gods called me to the Heavens, or Hells, where ever I’ll go, for a reason. I will wait to face judgment and know then why they have called me.

10) Treasure time! You have first pick of the loot this time. Which do you lay claim to – a ring that deflects incoming attacks, a hovering lantern that can produce light as bright as midday, a small knife that can be unfolded into almost any mundane tool, or a double share of the gold?
I would choose the Hovering Lantern, so then I really could be a beacon of light for those lost in the darkness of the world.

11) You have been captured by a demon lord that ascends to godhood as you watch helplessly. Using his newfound powers, he decides to lay claim to the title of “God of Genocide” by wiping out one mortal race – and he’s making you choose. If you don’t, he’s promised to wipe out FIVE races, including your own! What do you do?
I would pick a single race, the Orcs. While I’d prefer to be able to stop him before his ascends, if I can stop him from slaying 5 races, by choosing one, I’ll do it. Orcs, from what I know, are War-Mongering psychopaths that live for killing and death.

12) You are present at a trial as plaintiff. The defendant is a half-elf in his early teens who was told to kill you as part of initiation for the local thieves’ guild. He’s found guilty immediately – the evidence is overwhelming. His life is now yours, by local law. You can choose to send him to prison for life, kill him, take him as a slave, or even free him. What do you choose?
I will free him. This man obviously wasn’t skilled enough to get the job done. He’s failed his test for the Thieves Guild, has become known in the eyes of the law and the people. Death won’t show him what he’s done wrong, a life of hardships will.

13) The party rogue and you have been stranded together several times, and the rest of the group has taken to joking that you’re just trying to get some “alone time”. You laugh it off, but that night the rogue admits that he/she does have feelings for you… and that repeatedly saving your life and vice versa has strengthened those feelings a bit. You really had no idea. How do you react? (Assume the rogue is of the gender you favor, if applicable
Poorly. I’m not good with confessions of Love, or deeper feelings. I was taught compassion, but never what it means to truly feel love. I would accept their feelings, explain that I don’t know how to react, and apologize that their feelings are not returned.

14) As part of a debt, the local nobility gives you the deed to a small keep to the west. When you arrive, you find that it’s in excellent condition, as promised… except for the fact that something’s blown up the entire eastern wall. The grounds are still in immaculate condition, and except for some water damage on the rooms without the wall, the interior of the keep is untouched. What do you do?
I will send a message back to the Nobility, asking if they could send some builds to me, I’d be willing to cover the cost of the repairs to the keep, but I am not familiar on who would be the most qualified to rebuild a Keep’s Wall.

15) You and a blind man are stuck in a hobgoblin stockade with enough food for one of you. You’re both very hungry – this is the first time in two days you’ve been fed. He suggests you flip a coin to see who gets it. You flip, he calls “tails”, and the coin comes up heads. He asks what side came up. What do you do?
I tell him that it came up Tails, and flip the coin over quietly before he can feel the coin. I push the food to him and try to quiet the pains and hunger in my stomach.

16) You have just saved an orcish kingdom from ruin at the hand of an insane mage. The chieftain gives you your reward… and then adds a traditional reward you didn’t know about. You are now bethroed to his son/daughter (Again, assume the gender you favor). For an orc, she/he is exceptionally intelligent and good-looking. What is your reaction?
I will profusely claim I mean no disrespect, but point out that my life could take me half-way around the globe and I would never return, with or without a word. I would tell him that his Daughter’s hand would be better suited to marry the Son of a Neighboring Chief, a union that could leave her serving an Orc Chieftan, rather than staying at home and waiting for a man who might never return.

17) As above… but substitute an elven kingdom, and a son/daughter of the opposite gender as above.
Again, I will profusely claim that I mean no disrespect, that his Son is a beautiful man, but I’m afraid that it’s not the type of partnership I’d be willing to join into. I’d tell him his Son is better off Marrying someone he loves, perhaps a Princess of a neighboring kingdom? I’d probably end up in shackles with this one.

18) As above… but substitute a very demented wizard and a very, VERY confused, intelligent, genderless golem.
… I would accept. A Genderless Golem, of any statue, would be a wonderful companion on a trek through the continent. I would take this chance to teach it all I can, while freeing it from such a demented Wizard. After about a year of traveling together, I’d let it go free of it’s on volition.

19) Your deity (or a wizard of godly power levels, should you venerate no god) has found favor with you, and offers you one gift of your choice. What do you do?
I wish for the safety and protection of my companions. I cannot wish for everlasting peace, so maybe I could bring some semblance of peace to my compatriots.

20) You have found victory on the battlefield. As you look out on the slain, what is your immediate reaction?
Regret. Peace is a hard-fought victory, but it’s meant to be shared by all, not just the victors. It comes at a high price, and doesn’t stay long enough for the price we pay for it.

21.) What monsters do you like most?
Anything Bi-pedal. It’s fun watching them trying to scramble to the feet after feeling the sting of my whip.

Comments: Why are there so many questions?

22.) Rate your enjoyment of each of the followingenvironments from 1­10, 10 being best:

a) wilderness encounters: 5 b) city encounters: 7 c) dungeons: 10 d) unusual locations such as cloud homes or underwater: 1 Comments: I like open spaces, where I can make proper use of my whip’s large reach.

23.) Rate your enjoyment of each of the following types of adventures from 1­10, 10 being best:

a) long adventures: 6 b) short adventures: 6 c) linear adventures: 8 d) open play with no prepared plot: 6


24.) Rate your enjoyment of each of the following types of play from 1­10. 10 being best:

a) combat.: 7 b) interaction with NPCs: ___6__ c) puzzles: 10 d) investigation: 5 e) mystery: 8


25.) Do you have any session location requests or preferences?

26.) What times can you play each week?
Evenings usually.

27.) How do you prefer I contact you about game details? Please provide your contact information.
Skype, you boo, you have it already.

28.) How do you prefer we handle characters of absent players?
They were called to the heavens by the Gods, to fight a short battle against Demons. They obviously came out victorious and are returned when their players return.

29.) What three gaming moments would you like to recreate in this campaign?
CannonBall, “I’m gonna hug this bitch to death!”, and “Do these people think you’re eating their children?” ‘No, I’m working on it.’

30) As a player, do you prefer (elaborate as needed):

Heavy Roleplaying ___ Moderate Roleplaying O Light Roleplaying ___

Tone and Mood
Dark ____ Average O Light_____

In terms of intrigue, Macroscopic being on the upper­tiers of society and government, microscopic dealing with the affairs of the common folk

Macroscopic _____ Mix O Microscopic_____

Rules Heavy_____ Average__O__ Rules Light_____

31) I feel most comfortable during this kind of gaming situation:
Where the whole party is involved, and everyone’s doing what they enjoy.

32) I prefer to handle interpersonal conflict in this way (not inter­character):
I like to hear the other person’s side, present mine, then hope that the two of us can come to a reasonable solution without interrupting the game. Perhaps have the conversation after the session.

33) I prefer my characters to be this important to the story:
I don’t need to be the center of attention. I’m happy with being the side-line character that helps the main ‘plot-character’ achieve his/her goals and maybe achieve mine in the same time.

In the setting we’ll be playing in…

34) What kind of characters must be included?
Mysterious and deceptive.

35) What kind of character do you want to play?
Terrik the Shield. That is all.

36) What would be a fun plot hook for a story line?
One of the PC’s is kidnapped in the middle of the night by servants of a Crazed Wizard, who hopes to bring his Construct bride to life with their soul.

37) 17. Combat’s place in a campaign:
X I like some combat, but too much can be a speed bump in the story and role­playing.


38.) Challenge level of combat:
X I expect to win most fights handily, with difficult fights coming at dramatic moments.

39.) Character wealth and magic items, assuming game balance was not an issue:
X Some magical items should be attainable if we’re successful, but powerful gear should be rare.


40.) The storyline should have mostly…
X … twists at every turn and enemies posing as friends.

41.) Characters should have to make mostly…
X … morally conflicting choices with unforeseen consequences. The world is rarely black and white.


42.) I’d prefer the DM to follow the rules…
X …as loose guidelines, making some things up as he goes, but still keeping to the spirit of the game.


43.) I’d prefer the campaign’s plot to…
X …build around the PC’s actions. As some doorways close, others open. The PC’s decisions and actions will make differences to the plot so much that they can affect the decisions and actions of the NPC’s they encounter. The game will be like a book that is writing itself with each session based on what the PC’s and NPC’s do.

44.) I’d like a mix of these themes (pick three that most interest you to be included in a DnD campaign):

X strategic warfare X intrigue and subterfuge X_ exotic travel/exploration

Character Survey

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